Stuff you should Know...

You can call me Smithers. I am very sarcastic and I like speaking my point of view on things. Am I afraid of people hearing what I really have to say? No. That is why there is a content warning before you read my blog. I do not like people generally. I have learned while growing in life that people generally stab you in the back, lie and cheat. It's why I stay in my nice little hamster cage environment...just kidding ha ha. I move where the Army sends me so my location is never the same for long. I can be sweating my ass off one second and freezing to death the next.

All in all this blog is for me to rant about what goes on inside my head or just to comment on how some cloud in the sky reminded me of a penis, it's called the "Daily Grind of the Spazz" for a reason...and for all my little spazzoids-you know how unpredictable the posts can be. All I ask, is you stay mature and remember, I blog...I rant...I do not want your little posse or fans trolling my blogs. I do have the remove comment power and I will use it. Another thing... I really despise trolls and if you troll me...I will have a lot of fun at your expense.

Good Day to You