Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moronic Manifest Chapter 1

My dearest Spazzoids, here is a few screenshots of things that made me laugh that I had to share with you. The things that you can't believe some people do, or say...and makes you seriously question peoples breeding. I GIVE YOU...the MORONIC MANIFEST Chapter 1.


A Public Figure? Really? So what am I a public Goddess?

Honestly I question the sanity of a lot of people but...sh
e takes the cake. I hardly consider having a few hundred followers making you anywhere near famous enough to be considered a public figure. Maybe a Community Idol but that's about it. I don't like to feed into the drama llama, but this woman obviously loves it since she puts herself out there to be the butt of so many jokes.

I forgot we were at war with Osama-stan.
Some people make me giggle with the ignorance that comes out of their heads. Since we were only at war because of Osama bin Laden let's bring all our boys home. Cause the other suicide bombers and insurgents don't exist anymore. Osama died so they all poofed into thin air.

I have nothing else better to do with my life so let's start a rumor that I am dying of cancer and then freak when they take me seriously.
I will never know what this woman was thinking. Oh wait, yes i do. She was thinking that if so many people showed her pity she would be an internet celeb and with her countless degrees who would argue with her? Except she doesn't have cancer, and she doesn't have countless degrees. She just sits online all day at her house. Some people worry me about the state of our nation.