Sunday, April 17, 2011

I honestly have to stop and say WTF here.

This woman was someone I considered my friend. She was one of the few people when I moved to my new home that was there for me when I needed a friend. NOW. I told her that I was allergic to chicken and the very next day she tries to feed it to me. Not only that, but when they put a port in your head they have to shave the spot to insert said port right? Well, all her hair was there. And no bandage from the "port"
Then I asked her husband how her treatments were going. Apparently, he didn't even know she has cancer. BUT OF COURSE, she had an excuse for that as well. Apparently he copes with her disease by denying she is sick. Most husbands wouldn't deny something like cancer would they? Well then some ladies from the group she announced her condition on got worried about her and made a support group in her name and started getting in contact with her FRG to help her out with her "treatments". This is the response they got.

I wouldn't have had such a problem with these lies if I hadn't lost family to this cancer. I would probably have tried to figure out why she felt she needed to lie about that. But then again, I have kinda guessed for awhile that she is a compulsive liar. I mean she apparently has 2 degrees and helps the elderly and is battling cancer but she never leaves her house?

All in all, this is proof that people can really be disgusting and lie about the craziest things. Still cannot tell you why she lied about it, but I can tell you she is still going at it. Now she is telling people that she lied to us about lying about getting treatments. Yeah, not happening. She has WAY to much energy for someone undergoing chemo.

That is it for today and till next time my little spazzoids.

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  1. I detest Liars! Burns my butt. Life is what you make of it. That is what I always say. If you don't like your life change it but don't make up lies. Those are the type of people I'd love to see taken off of the face of the earth.