Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VDAY SUCKS? Eh, it's an acquired taste...

So, everyone knows that Smithy and me have rough patches. Every couples does. Well Vday was supposed to be just another day. He bought me a pillow pet, I bought him a new headset that wouldn't break on him. He wanted me to spend time with him when he was home on Lunch. So we watched Family Guy. He wanted me to spend time with him and snuggle after dinner...let's pause at dinner shall we. Smithy has a headache. We drive to TGIF with our roommate O'Money and his date Mimi. We get there and Smithy tells me I annoy him whenever I talk. And that I am an idiot, all night. On our way home, I tell him that "O'Money is a great friend. He spends more time with me than my own spouse AND he never makes me cry" Smithy then smirks and says " If I was intentionally making you cry, you would cry a lot more than you do now." Okay, on this note I just ignored the bastard. I came home, took my contacts out and climbed into bed. 1 hour later Smithy comes upstairs, kisses my forehead and says "I love you" before pulling me into his arms and going to sleep. Honestly, my brain has been raped by this mans extreme behavior changes. It's like he is "pre-deployment bi-polar"

So this morning he wakes up and goes to PT and comes home, crawls back into bed with me to snuggle. And I told him I was still hurt about last night so he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled in silence. Frankly, he confuses the hell out of me and while I love him...he proved this Vday to be like all the ones in the past..."Sucky, but like beer it's an acquired taste."

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