Friday, February 25, 2011


So back to life, I can't really talk about what is going on right now. I can say this much. I really hate not having anything to do here. I go to 5th Avenue Mall, I look around. I go to Dimond mall, I look around. I can't go to a bar cause GOD FORBID that makes me an alcoholic.

So I sit here, playing Sims and pwning people on COD Black Ops(ZOMBIES BEWARE). my realization is though, that I really can't trust many people in this awful hell hole right now. My neighbor is amazing, she was there when everything fell through the cracks and crap went crazy (Granted she wasn't here when Nala jumped the fence and almost killed me running through the neighborhood looking for some penis but still...). My birthday kicked ass, I had Chris here and he took me out to dinner where I got completely hammered on ONE drink ( I am not a lightweight-hush) and then came home to watch movies and snuggle. THATS THE PERFECT DAY RIGHT THERE>

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