Sunday, February 6, 2011

AW Season 3, COD, and pre-dep leave...

So...During the pre-dep leave my husband has continued with his C.o.D obsession. This is fine, cause last night he bought me the 3rd Season of Army Wives to watch. YAY. I am 2 episodes in so far and I have to say they keep me coming back for more every time. This time, General Holden's youngest daughter is the reason his wife stayed behind, I finally found out that Frank didn't cheat on D after she cheated on him, and that everything else is pretty much hitting the fan with the "tribe"...sad thing is the only reason I really got into it because I have an old guy crush on "Michael Holden" and now that he is stationed in "Brussels" I may find it harder to get into it.

**well time to tune back into to my Powerlink DVD to watch it some more...Be right back.**

YAY Frank is okay. Emilynn is still a twit(I swear my kids would never be the reason I stayed away from my husband), everyone is still insane, and Roxy & Trevor are still the most sexually active couple on the show...YAY! While I am sure the readers(if any) are reading this you are probably asking 'how is this show relevant' well it isn't. >:D I am blogging about mindless crap because I am so bored. You wont hear my whining about how depressed I am, or how hard being an army wife is. But you will read some pretty random mindless crap me waste 10 minutes of your life. Just kidding. I do ramble about some pretty interesting things sometimes. Well back to my show...I am going to find out what a tag sale is and how to further irritate my husband by doing an army wife commentary as I listen to it with the head phones on. >:D HAAAAA.....


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