Friday, February 25, 2011


So back to life, I can't really talk about what is going on right now. I can say this much. I really hate not having anything to do here. I go to 5th Avenue Mall, I look around. I go to Dimond mall, I look around. I can't go to a bar cause GOD FORBID that makes me an alcoholic.

So I sit here, playing Sims and pwning people on COD Black Ops(ZOMBIES BEWARE). my realization is though, that I really can't trust many people in this awful hell hole right now. My neighbor is amazing, she was there when everything fell through the cracks and crap went crazy (Granted she wasn't here when Nala jumped the fence and almost killed me running through the neighborhood looking for some penis but still...). My birthday kicked ass, I had Chris here and he took me out to dinner where I got completely hammered on ONE drink ( I am not a lightweight-hush) and then came home to watch movies and snuggle. THATS THE PERFECT DAY RIGHT THERE>

Monday, February 21, 2011

O'Money & Smither's conversational moments

"What did you do today?"

" I fought off the Taliban...viruses. Defending freedom with my KEYBOARD OF JUSTICE!"

"I have a laser...mouse."



"I am trained in insurgents electronics."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, I am counting down the days to my birthday. I have had a countdown going on since January 31st. Why? CAUSE IT'S MY DAY >:D birthday week prior to the big day is full of briefings so the weekend is going to be a relief. I am thinking I am going to attempt to draw a new animation video and post La Bomba. I have been meaning to make a video of Spazz and Chuu since O'Money acquired the Bamboo tablet. And thanks to Stephen I can't get La "Boomba" out of my head.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VDAY SUCKS? Eh, it's an acquired taste...

So, everyone knows that Smithy and me have rough patches. Every couples does. Well Vday was supposed to be just another day. He bought me a pillow pet, I bought him a new headset that wouldn't break on him. He wanted me to spend time with him when he was home on Lunch. So we watched Family Guy. He wanted me to spend time with him and snuggle after dinner...let's pause at dinner shall we. Smithy has a headache. We drive to TGIF with our roommate O'Money and his date Mimi. We get there and Smithy tells me I annoy him whenever I talk. And that I am an idiot, all night. On our way home, I tell him that "O'Money is a great friend. He spends more time with me than my own spouse AND he never makes me cry" Smithy then smirks and says " If I was intentionally making you cry, you would cry a lot more than you do now." Okay, on this note I just ignored the bastard. I came home, took my contacts out and climbed into bed. 1 hour later Smithy comes upstairs, kisses my forehead and says "I love you" before pulling me into his arms and going to sleep. Honestly, my brain has been raped by this mans extreme behavior changes. It's like he is "pre-deployment bi-polar"

So this morning he wakes up and goes to PT and comes home, crawls back into bed with me to snuggle. And I told him I was still hurt about last night so he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled in silence. Frankly, he confuses the hell out of me and while I love him...he proved this Vday to be like all the ones in the past..."Sucky, but like beer it's an acquired taste."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

AW Season 3, COD, and pre-dep leave...

So...During the pre-dep leave my husband has continued with his C.o.D obsession. This is fine, cause last night he bought me the 3rd Season of Army Wives to watch. YAY. I am 2 episodes in so far and I have to say they keep me coming back for more every time. This time, General Holden's youngest daughter is the reason his wife stayed behind, I finally found out that Frank didn't cheat on D after she cheated on him, and that everything else is pretty much hitting the fan with the "tribe"...sad thing is the only reason I really got into it because I have an old guy crush on "Michael Holden" and now that he is stationed in "Brussels" I may find it harder to get into it.

**well time to tune back into to my Powerlink DVD to watch it some more...Be right back.**

YAY Frank is okay. Emilynn is still a twit(I swear my kids would never be the reason I stayed away from my husband), everyone is still insane, and Roxy & Trevor are still the most sexually active couple on the show...YAY! While I am sure the readers(if any) are reading this you are probably asking 'how is this show relevant' well it isn't. >:D I am blogging about mindless crap because I am so bored. You wont hear my whining about how depressed I am, or how hard being an army wife is. But you will read some pretty random mindless crap me waste 10 minutes of your life. Just kidding. I do ramble about some pretty interesting things sometimes. Well back to my show...I am going to find out what a tag sale is and how to further irritate my husband by doing an army wife commentary as I listen to it with the head phones on. >:D HAAAAA.....