Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey, it's SNOWING...big surprise there...

*grumbles underbreath while hacking away at keyboard with "rat claws"*

So...The Grind Update...Hmmm, my friend finally made it home from Afghanistan(And as a side note to his lovely girlfriend-ITS CALLED OPSEC- better be glad nothing happened to the other soldiers and him because you just had to publicly announce when they were leaving on the internet...and I will gladly post how you violated OPSEC if you want to dispute this) but now seems to have forgotten how to use a phone. He says when he has time he will get up with all his old friends yet he has time to get online after a good boinking- YEEEEAAAAHHHH. Along with breaking his word to his "friends"(if you can call us that anymore since he is ignoring all of us) he has decided(or his jealous girl) to regale me with the tales of his "long nights" over IM He owes me a lobotomy now. I would be perfectly freaking peachy if I wasn't falling into the same pattern as what happened with his ex wife who note like his present girlfriend also hated my guts.

*facedesks repeatedly*

On other news, the hubby leaves soon. That is going to crush me to little pieces but I will be fine. I mean we have spent the majority of our marriage apart from each other. I just have to deal with him being in a hazardous environment now. YAY! But thats what I have friends for...wait...well the ones who actually TALK TO ME WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL. *glares at facebook IM* So other than sex deprivation coming up and idiotic friends everything has been peachy. I have started drawing again. I have started designing and reading more. I am enjoying the wonders of Netflix. Yes, it is amazing. My life is FREAKING AMAZING.

*12 cups of coffee later*

Okay all better...what were we ranting about again?

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