Friday, December 10, 2010

WTF moments and boredom...

Today is the parent's anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM & DAD!

Away from that now, today started out ordinary enough, got online...played around-listened to music. But I am irked, yet again. See, I am WAY TOO forgiving. So I forgive someone for being an immature twit, give them a second chance. Well, let me tell you how well that went, I go weeks without a single word from her. And then all of a sudden. I hear something. Apparently I am annoying and what not. Well you know what, you lose my number and I block you from facebook. You can't see me I can't see you. In fact, I block your whole family. >.>

So after that, I settle down to get more shit from her. REALLY! I apologized, that was all I did and I get this much crap? Forget this. Thank god putting it out on facebook is beneath her but I wouldn't know since I blocked her for all I know she could be talking crap about me from the second I hit the block button to now. And you know what? I don't care because all it will do is show who is the better person after all.

On other news, I have to find a new hobby. I am thinking scrapbooking :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Addiction to Fable III Chronicles - The Princess Diaries Part 1

I wake up to Jasper rousing me from my slumber and walk towards the fireplace to adorn my outfit for the day. Of course I pick my regal attire, I am a princess. Upon dressing I am informed that Master Elliot has requested my presence and I am to go to him in the garden.

Upon meeting with Elliot he tells me that he is my knight sworn to protect me. Awww so sweet, needless to say he isn't shabby looking like all the other NPC's I am forced to deal with. So I smile, give him a quick kiss and then head off to address the castle staff of my brothers "actions". Of course I give them a harsh word(I am princess after all) but I assure them that what they hear are rumors only.Wouldn't you know while I head off to train with Walter the idiots I just talked to start a violent riot in front of the castle? Ignorant hard-headed people they are. So my brother makes me decide whom to kill, Elliot or the idiots who started a riot after I told them not to.

Oh well, off with the protesters heads.

I am taken to my room which shortly after leads to me sneaking out of the castle, every girls dream huh? Yeah only if it were with Elliot, my knight in shining armor but no, its the two old men who raised me. Not terribly romantic as I hoped. So I run away, blah blah, get my mothers guild seal, blah blah, I learn to cast fireballs, blah blah, make it to the sanctuary where we ditch Jasper and head to the *shudders* Dweller Camp. Where I am 'forced' to get the support of Sabine. The strange short man with the love of blowing things up. Which of course, to get his support I have to bring back my mothers music box and feed his people. Oh and kill mercenaries. Sounds like an awful lot just to get 2 people to help right? Wrong. Apparently, its not enough because to get the help for his people I have to help a whole town in the process. *grumbles*

Well after getting Samuel's help and Sabine agreeing my intentions are honorable. I get to walk on my merry way(because of course bloody hobbes blew up the monorail) to Mourningwood. Well wouldn't you know? Of course I will help you destroy Legions of Hollowmen to save your fort since trained soldiers of Albion can't do it.

*bitching groaning and a dead bloody Pvt Jennings later*

Of course, I take a soldiers oath. Now send me on my merry way. *marches on* Of course Walter Ditches me saying "Explore if you like, just meet me in Bowerstone Industrial. Leaving me here thinking, 'where is the bloody map you asshole?' I wind up somewhere desolate looking called "Sunset House" Why the hell is it here? What purpose does it have other than to confuse the living hell out of me? Well, 100 hollowmen later I wind up in the town of Mourningwood who happen to be a bunch of smelly enviromentalists. YAY!

Off to the sewers for me! (read more next time and find out what I do to Elliot when I find him with his bloody "fiance" the wench)

Thursday, December 2, 2010