Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grrrrrrr......November 13th

This week has been an interesting one. Apparently I am the one and only person who gets what the hell you should do when dating in a relationship, and...I am being forced to live in a controlled environment. Yes folks, my car is still 5000 miles away.

WHY you might ask....

Cause my dear husband thinks he can spout off the BS that he doesn't have the time, when all I see that man have is TIME! I swear, if he thinks he is going to make it to deployment without me having a means of transportation I am going to lose it. First he loves throwing up that I nag him every 5 minutes about this stuff (joke is...I space this convo's out a week a piece), Second...he shuts down while after saying this saying that if I don't like it why am I still here that he doesn't have all the time to do this. Yeah, I don't need a car and POA in his eyes. He even cracks jokes with his friends that my immunities are good and I never get sick cause I live in a controlled setting with no outside contact.


Makes me want to just fling marshmallows at him sometimes(had to dull it down a bit cause violence is frowned upon in marriages). The guys will be gone for a week. YAY! That means I get to harass Kim for a week and plan my amazing Turkey Day Extravaganza.

Also, my best friend and his girlfriend broke up this week...but not after ruining my sheets...(you better be glad I love you man).

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