Monday, November 15, 2010

DAY 1 of FTX: Driving on ice, chilling with Kim && CLEANING!~YAY!!!!

So...Chris & O'Money left this morning at 05:15 for FTX. It wasn't so bad except for the fact that I had to get up really early to say good-bye to my husband(get to look forward to a very cold week) and a hellacious drive back through the ice and slush. But amazingly, I drove perfectly for the first time ever-i think it's cause I didn't have Chris screaming at me to shift. This was the wonderful start to my oh so amazing day.

0740- I go to pick up Kim G. for our day out. We hit up the shopette and get the run around thanks to AlaskaUSA Credit Union(bastards they are) and returned to my house to pick up Pillywiggin to go to Petco. Well, Pillywiggin had a good ride was the ride back where he had gas that was the big problem. Every few seconds he was pooting on Kim. XD

After we brought him home we went to the PX/BX and commisary for Turkey Day shopping and what not. And had a freaking blast getting to the post office. At least I didn't have to walk eh?

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