Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In good spirits of the holiday...I shall make a Christmas list, on which I will get nothing that I ask for.

1) Board Game: [do i take this literal? No it's just a snazzy fun game! XD]

2) Cthulhu Plush for my game room : Cause it's just too darn cute :3

3)Cthulhu Wreath- so I can scare the kiddos in the neighborhood off or jsut decorate my game-room for the holidays.

4)Cthulhu Pillow- to prop myself up on while playing my games in my game-room
*notice a theme yet?*

5)Extended Release Collectors Edition of Avatar.

6) Seasons 3+ of Army Wives (its my soap opera ^^)

7) IMVU gift cards

**that is all I can think of for now**

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